Who is the Hawk Tuah Girl? Unpacking the ‘Spit on That Thing’ Meme and Viral TikTok Video

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The “Hawk Tuah Girl,” who gained fame for saying, “Spit on that thing!” in a Southern accent, has quickly become TikTok’s latest sensation. This viral video originated from a street interview, capturing the attention of millions and sparking widespread curiosity about her identity. So, who is the Hawk Tuah Girl? What does “hawk tuah” mean, and where did the original video come from? Let’s dive in and explore.

Where Did The ‘Hawk Tuah Girl’ Video Come From?

The now-famous clip was initially posted as an Instagram Reel by YouTubers Tim & Dee TV. The interview took place in Nashville, Tennessee, featuring two women likely enjoying a night out. The interviewer asked, “What’s one move in bed that makes a man go crazy every time?” The unnamed blonde girl responded with a suggestive spitting sound, followed by, “Oh, you gotta give him that hawk tuah and spit on that thang! You get me?” The video quickly amassed over 8 million views on Instagram and half a million on TikTok in less than a week.

What Does ‘Hawk Tuah’ Mean?

“Hawk tuah” is an onomatopoeia mimicking the sound of spitting. Within the context of the “Hawk Tuah Girl” meme, it refers to a woman spitting while engaging in intimate activities. The term “hawk tuah” has roots in memes that surfaced in 2021, which used spitting sounds like “hawk patuh” and “hawk putuh.” These sounds became popular in viral tweets and Facebook posts, likely influencing the vocabulary used by the Hawk Tuah Girl in the viral video.


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♬ A mysterious scene of the near future like Blade Runner(994826) – The Structures

What’s The ‘Hawk Tuah Girl’ Meme?

The Hawk Tuah Girl video gained traction rapidly, especially after someone created a green-screen CapCut template using her clip. Meme creators have since added various backgrounds to the video, utilizing her quote in numerous humorous and relatable scenarios. Much of the memes and online discussion focus on male viewers being captivated by the Hawk Tuah Girl, charmed by her Southern accent, sense of humor, and unfiltered expression of sexuality.


Hawk tuah #CapCut #Meme #drinkingtiktok

♬ original sound – Drinking TikToks


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♬ original sound – Joe Powalisz


In fact, the memes have even inspired a range of merchandise, including themed T-shirts. These items feature her iconic phrase and image, allowing fans to wear a piece of the viral sensation. Check out some of these creative designs below, celebrating the unexpected internet star.

What’s The ‘Hawk Tuah Girl’s’ Name? Is It ‘Hailey Welch’?

The leading clue to the Hawk Tuah Girl’s identity is the name “Hailey Welch,” mentioned by Tim & Dee in their Instagram and TikTok posts. Her friend, who also appears in the video, is believed to be Chelsea Bradford. Although the Instagram handle @haileywelch has not yielded any definitive results, there is a VSCO account for chelsea-bradford that appears to feature the two women, with Welch sporting the same gold earrings seen in the viral clip.

Despite these leads, her identity remains unconfirmed. It seems likely that she prefers to avoid the spotlight, given the difficulty in tracking her down. This reluctance might suggest she isn’t thrilled about her newfound fame as the “Hawk Tuah Girl,” or perhaps it’s the overwhelming attention that comes with viral internet fame.

As the search for the Hawk Tuah Girl continues, it’s essential to respect her privacy. Viral fame can be a double-edged sword, bringing both admiration and unwanted scrutiny. For now, the mystery adds an intriguing layer to the meme, keeping the internet buzzing with curiosity.

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